A Boutique Environment for Our Client Families

When your time is limited, it’s essential to have the right guidance not only for major financial milestones, but for day-to-day decisions as well.

It may be about exercising company stock or choosing homeowner’s insurance for a new vacation property – you can turn to us for anything and everything that pertains to your financial life. Through our team, you have the advisory relationship to provide personalized recommendations, and the resources in place to see them through.

This is the value of the boutique environment we’ve built for our clients.

Successful people value time. If we can establish a relationship that enables our clients to spend more time on family, travel, career or running a business, then we’ve fulfilled our purpose as advisors.

Clay Jackson CIMA®
Financial Advisor

Our Family Wealth Planning Process

  • STEP 1

    Your Financial Life

    In our first meeting, we work with you to establish definable goals, as we develop a deep understanding of your financial life.
  • STEP 2

    Wealth Summary

    We present a summary of the goals, priorities and values uncovered in our first meeting. This enables us to begin outlining more specific ideas and recommendations.
  • STEP 3

    Your Family Wealth Plan

    We not only custom-design your Family Wealth Plan, but we also define the steps to implement the plan and consistently track your progress.
  • STEP 4

    Financial Partners

    Leveraging a multi-faceted internal team and a network of specialists, we also work with your existing professional partners to help implement and maintain your Family Wealth Plan.
  • STEP 5

    Active Plan Management

    Including an annual in-person review (or as needed), our ongoing advice is all about accountability, follow-through and proactive communication.

Our clients get a partner for life. Our responsibility is to craft solutions for all stages of life and work, and to hold ourselves accountable to those solutions.

Ben Fish
Financial Advisor